IPQuorum 2021: Tech for Content

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IPQuorum 2021: Tech for Content


Ассоциация IPChain, Фонд «Сколково»


86,169, 300 people

Web сайт tech4content.ru

26–27 апреля 2021 года в Технопарке Инновационного центра «Сколково» собрались ключевые игроки рынка креативных индустрий, цифровых технологий и юридических услуг из более чем 20 секторов экономики. В 2021 году IPQuorum, ставший за время своего существования визитной карточкой мира интеллектуальной собственности, представил IP как ядро творческого бизнеса, формирующая идентичность и самобытность креативных индустрий. Более 1500 участников из 30 стран мира «сверили часы» и обсудили глобальные тренды и локальные кейсы современной творческой экономики.

IPQUORUM 2021: Tech for Content стал по-настоящему уникальным событием, в рамках которого на одной площадке представители власти, крупный бизнес и креативные предприниматели обсудили насущные проблемы рынка интеллектуальной собственности и креативной сферы.
Помимо основной программы на Форуме состоялось множество мастер-классов, онлайн-интервью, презентаций.

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    Секторов креативной экономики

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Corporate communications

A concept of international forum on creative industries has been elaborated and successfully implemented. Three parallel tracks have been organized: applied industries and cultural heritage industries; modern media and production of digital content. We have designed and realized our thematic business program with top Russian and foreign experts in attendance.
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    Тематических сессий

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    Media partners

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    Публикаций в СМИ

Digital communications

A communications strategy was developed and implemented for regular and timely coverage of the Forum activities on various Internet websites, social media, and messengers; A targeted advertising campaign was conducted to coordinate registration for the Forum;
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    Текстовых трансляций

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    Количество регистраций


We have created the corporate identity and the brandbook for the Forum We have created a new image of the corporate hero, a cube-cat We have developed designs for branding of the surface of the Forum premises and outdoor branding we have created designs for the areas where exhibitors plan to meet in exhibition space; we have developed an original line of advertising and souvenir products (souvenirs for exhibitors, promotional clothing, print marketing materials, a toy-mascot) designed and developed AR quest: development and rendering of 3D images; development and rendering of the game zone
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    Отрисовано иллюстраций

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We have produced a series of promotional videos of the Forum for posting on the Internet; We have created a promotional cartoon about the Forum; We have produced a series of promotional videos for video panels in the exhibition area; We have designed a graphics package; We have produced a post-event video and a series of post-event educational videos for the internet.
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    Promotional videos

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    Hours of video footage

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    Просветительских видеороликов

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    Фото в архиве


We provided comprehensive and prompt coverage of the Forum: breaking news, reports, and post-companies; Original news and analytical content, including expert columns and topical interviews We provided content for a landing page, using different genres.


We facilitated the signing of the agreements below: We facilitated the signing of a trilateral agreement between the IPChain Association, The Russian State Library, and the Russian Authors’ Society We facilitated the signing of an agreement between the IPChain Association, the Skolkovo Foundation; on the set-up of laboratory services of the IPChain Lab in the area of innovation park.

Web design and development

Event landing was created Personal account was set up Ticket sale was carried out

EXPO: spatial design and development

We implemented the construction on the venue with an area of 1,500 sq.m., installed modern digital equipment and two stages with stage LED screens. One stage was hosted digitally. Technological solution: four auditoriums, lounge hall for participants, lounge hall with catering for speakers, 3D photo zone, exhibition zone, quest zone, digitally hosted stage. The venue was equipped with mobile studios for simultaneous interpreting and a conference system for 500 people; The venue was equipped with mobile studios for simultaneous interpreting and a conference system for 500 people; We created an artistic concept and provided temporary structures for the space to host a quest.
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    Two stages

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    Дискуссионных зала

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