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IPQuorum for creatives, businesses, lawyers and everyone

IPQuorum for creatives, businesses, lawyers and everyone

In collaboration with the global communication association, The Prophet full-stack creative agency unveils the first edition in Russia about the cultural industries and intellectual property.

In the first century, the Greek mathematician and mechanic Heron invented the steam engine. Mankind embraced the invention... as a fun activity for kids! No one had thought of other applications for a long time. The Indigenous peoples of South America did without the wheel simply because they could always carry the palanquin and the person in it.

In the new edition of IPQuorum the editor-in-chief of Zhan Prosyanov learns from the most courageous film distributor Sam Klebanov how to turn streaming into art-house cinema, director Elena Nenasheva confesses why to stage a play in a swimming pool, and Sergei Matveev, president of the Intellectual Property Federation, reveals the secrets of creative self-defense, so your painting cannot be used to decorate garbage cans.

IPQuorum will not let any of today's discoveries, inventions, or innovative projects go to waste. Its mission is to promote public awareness of the creative class. After all, creativity is not so much a manifestation of the intelligence and talent of individuals as the conditions of social life that allow their ideas to come true. The industrial revolution does not happen when a genius has an epiphany; it happens when society creates a demand for innovation. In the XX century, raw materials drove the development of mankind. Today, raw materials are being replaced by creative assets. IT giants are now worth more than hydrocarbon companies, and wages in the IT sector are higher than for occupations in the gold industry.

IPQuorum claims that we should not miss the opportunity. In Russia, science and culture have always attracted a great deal of state concern. Theaters and research institutes, museums, and special schools for gifted children are Russia’s competitive advantage in the world. But creative assets should be turned into a business to create the same conditions that made Heron's discovery an engine of progress out of a toy.

IPQuorum is not just another website for culture, technology, and that phantom substance that progressive bureaucracy calls the creative industries. We provide trustworthy information about people transforming the Russian economic model today. It is not so important for us how long the government plans to improve the impact of the creative industries on GDP at an annual rate from 2% to 6%. We care for people, companies, and projects designed to generate this growth.

IPQuorum adheres to the evidence-based editorial policy and will show using reliable information saying that today innovations arise at the intersection of different ideas and industries. Computers are connected to phones, taxi aggregators with search engines, banks with pharmacies. It seems that the world around us will soon be shared by several global ecosystems or meta-universes.

We will work in the field, talk to designers, architects, developers, producers, bloggers, musicians about the stories of success and problems they had to confront. In capitals and small cities, in Russia and abroad. But we won't miss their inner world, either, their flights of fancy. And yes, we will ask how and how much they earn. How the monetization of intellectual rights goes. Because we are convinced that it is the management of intellectual property that is the best model of commercialization of creativity and the tandem of lawyers and creative entrepreneurs guarantees personal well-being and economic growth of the country.

We won’t forget about their inner world, either, their flights of fancy. And yes, we will ask how much they earn. About the commercialization of intellectual property rights. Since we are convinced that the management of intellectual property is the best model for the commercialization of creativity and the duo of lawyers and creative entrepreneurs ensures the personal well-being and economic growth of the country.

Yevgeniya Dorofeeva, Editor-in-Chief at IPQuorum, Director General of The Prophet full-stack agency, says: “There are many media to read about startups and culture, but you won’t find a single platform to embrace creative, legal, and business agenda. IPQuorum is designed to occupy this niche. We want to speak one language with the professional community, create a platform in order to be engaged in honest and substantive conversations about the prospects of creative entrepreneurship in Russia.

The editor-in-chief of IPQuorum Ksenia Pozdnyakova said: “At business meetings, the Russian creative environment is an inexhaustible source of information and behind-the-scenes conversations. I hope that we will do our best to evoke constant interest in creative entrepreneurship for a wider audience.”

The IPQuorum media adopts a new format for the international IPQuorum brand, which since 2017 has been organizing the most significant events on intellectual property and creative industries in Russia, including the LegalTech market (legal workflow automation software) and the sphere of development structures. The multi-thousand audience of traditional participants and guests of IPQuorum forums are our first readers. But we will try to find interesting content for many other target audiences.

IPQuorum is a communication brand created in 2017 by the IPChain Association and the Confederation of Rightholders' Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA) to organize permanent international communication platforms committed to a dialogue with the global community on the development of intellectual property in the digital economies.

IPQuorum is a cross-border communication network that connects global intellectual property market participants, representatives of the cultural and creative sector, industry innovators, visionary experts, venture capitalists, and national and international regulators. Annually, IPQuorum organizes a group of events.

Exhibitions, conferences, discussions, presentations and business sessions are designed to become a driver of quality changes of the global market of intellectual property, development of beaux-arts, and industrial arts (arts industriels) as full-fledged subjects of the digital economy.

IPQuorum's own programs and venues include IPQuorum:
Innovation at the annual international forum of technology entrepreneurs Open Innovations.
IPQuorum.Culture at the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum;
IPQuorum.Economy at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum;
IP Academy - the largest educational conference on intellectual property;
IPQuorum.LegalTech at the international conference Skolkovo LegalTech (Russia and the CIS countries);
IPQuorum.Start at the International Technology Conference Startup Village in Skolkovo;
IPQuorum.Creative as part of the Creative Business Forum and Russian Creative Week.

The International Strategic Forum on Intellectual Property held annually in the Kaliningrad region Special Economic Zone is the flagship project organized by the IPQuorum brand and in 2021 it was held in a new format “Tech for Content 2021 by IPQuorum” at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. For a few years, the Forum has brought together more than 5,700 participants from more than 30 countries.

The Prophet full-stack agency was created in 2017. It is a full-cycle agency delivering turnkey solutions. The agency’s professional and technological capacities help it implement projects at a regional and international scale. Our top customers include Russian and global companies in the cultural, creative, and high-tech sectors of the economy.

The PROPHET is the first agency in Russia that specializes in the promotion of projects in the sphere of intellectual property and creative industries. Finalist for the Silver Archer National Award of 2019. For 4 years of work, the Agency has implemented more than 400 projects, including a number of projects at the federal and international levels.