Corporate communications

Corporate communications
Communication consulting

  • auditing, developing and implementing communication strategies
  • consulting work in the field of development and maintenance of corporate digital resources
  • training and speechwriting (interviewing, writing talking points and messages, drafting speeches)
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  • development and implementation of event PR strategies, creation of special and co-branding online and offline projects
  • communication with experts and opinion leaders, ambassadors
  • anti-crisis PR
  • development and launch of special products with news and digital media outlets

External press office

information support - writing and  submission of ads and press-releases

Event planning and organization

Corporate events for news outlets (press conferences, press tours, etc.) media support for business events

See project portfolio in the sphere of expertise

Other spheres of expertise

  • Corporate communications

  • Internal communications

  • Digital communications

  • Design

  • Production

  • Event & Mice

  • Writing

  • GR

  • EXPO: spatial design and  development

  • Web design and web development

  • Strategy of sustainable development

  • Personal positioning