Event & Mice

Event & Mice

  • work with landlords and contractors
  • online ticket system
  • work with media marketing partners


  • design of visual identity for a brand, design of logo, event branding, marketing and souvenir products
  • space design, design of exhibition stands of any complexity
  • event website, participants' personal accounts, mobile applications
  • production of souvenirs and printing products


  • comprehensive PR support, including work with leading global, federal and specialized media and  new media, SMM  and support in social media
  • development of cobranding special projects


  • creation of multimedia content: promotional, image and information videos, animations for the internet, TV, etc.
  • photo and/or video coverage of the event
  • online broadcasting

Event & Mice
Development and implementation of the concept

  • event concept development
  • creating content and managing time planning for a business part of the event
  • design of entertaining part of the event
  • work with Russian and international speakers/participants
  • developing a strategy to attract external sponsors and co-organizers of the event,
  • including auditing and building a pool of potential partners/sponsors organization of the entertainment program, compliance with technical and domestic riders of artists

Organizational issues

  • invitations and transfer of participants
  • accommodation of participants and speakers
  • transport service
  • translation services
  • event planning organization for nbsp; participants


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