Project work

  • concept development
  • writing a screenplay based on an approved concept
  • writing a cost estimate and a financial plan of work

Planning a video shoot

  • video storyboard
  • location matching
  • casting

Shooting process

  • staged shooting
  • reportage shooting
  • documentary shooting


  • editing
  • color correction
  • voiceover/speaker’s voice
  • sound design
  • graphics (2D, 3D, infographics, stop-motion animation, animated cartoon, and etc.)

Technical support for events

video recording across several halls internal broadcast design at the venue webcast design for the event site using a single player window. The user will be offered the opportunity to choose which hall to view and the language of the broadcast The sound design for the event: sound recording, stage sound for speakers, shows, concerts, and workshops. Event lighting design: laser equipment, illumination, photo, and video theaters content for the event – screensavers, placeholders, B-rolls, announcements, video schedules, video reports, etc.


See project portfolio in the sphere of expertise

Other spheres of expertise

  • Corporate communications

  • Internal communications

  • Digital communications

  • Design

  • Production

  • Event & Mice

  • Writing

  • GR

  • EXPO: spatial design and  development

  • Web design and web development

  • Strategy of sustainable development

  • Personal positioning