Digital communications

Digital communications
Digital support of events

  • event website promotion
  • video content promotion
  • organization, maintenance and promotion of official representative offices in social media
  • development and implementation of social media campaigns
  • mention tracking
  • promotion of special projects

SEO Optimisation

  • improvement of pages' search relevance to search queries
  • optimization of structure and content
  • optimization of commercial factors
  • page code optimization
  • building on external factors of resource relevance

Monitoring and analytics

  • one-off and regular analysis of the information field
Testing analytical products: benchmarking, ope
n sources and analytical databases

Advertising promotion

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  • Targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, myTarget and  VKontakte: native ads and promotional posts in  newsfeed of popular social media
  • retargeting

Digital communications
Social media

  • Developing a social media page concept (Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram, etc.): benchmark analysis of competitors, target audiences, tone of media support, visual designs of a page and illustrations for posts, description of content type and regular columns, page promotion tools
  • creation and editorial support for social media pages: writing a content plan, placement of publications, communication with your users on a page
  • attracting followers to pages and promoting individual posts
  • developing sophisticated content for social media: infographics, features, videos and animation gifs
Collaboration with opinion leaders (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, etc.)

  • Assignments to opinion leaders and popular thematic communities in social media to promote awareness campaigns
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  • Partnering and engaging popular bloggers on YouTube and Instagram as speakers and event participants
  • advertising integrations into bloggers' YouTube videos and publications made by popular Instagram users
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Other spheres of expertise

  • Corporate communications

  • Internal communications

  • Digital communications

  • Design

  • Production

  • Event & Mice

  • Writing

  • GR

  • EXPO: spatial design and  development

  • Web design and web development

  • Strategy of sustainable development

  • Personal positioning